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September 2, 2004
It's been over a year since I've done any updates - time to start clearing out my backlog!
August 17, 2003
I am now offering classified ads on the regional pages on my support groups & homeschooling law list. The intent is to connect homeschoolers with people offering classes and/or activities. I sincerely hope that my readers will find these ads useful, not annoying!
August 2, 2003
After over nine years as Jon's Homeschool Resource Page, I'm changing the name of this site to Jon's Homeschool Resources, in the hope that this will reduce the number of people who happen upon, say, the Maine page, and think that I am from Maine.
December 10, 2002
I added a top-level search page that uses some JavaScript to automatically add some terms to your search phrase so that Google will restrict the search to the homeschooling part of this domain. (Yes, it works without JavaScript, too - just not so cleanly.)
December 2, 2002
I continue to nibble away at my backlog when I have a 'need' to procrastinate: it's down to less than 100 messages, from July..October of 2000. I'm adding groups with valid URLs, and saving the others for a bulk mailing when I get to the end of the backlog.
October 20, 2002
Got the backlog cleared out through the beginning of this year, and even made it into Dec-01. But tomorrow I'm going to England for a week and half, so I think this flurry of updating is about over. Not only have I put in a lot of hours, I'm not so sure how accurate any group info more than ten months old is going to be - I've already started getting "thanks, but our info has changed" messages. When I get back, I'll do a pass through the backlog looking for "dead group" messages, then I'll probably send a mass mailing to everyone in my backlog, asking them to send current info.
October 8, 2002
Still working on the backlog - I've added everything sent me since June of this year. More importantly, perhaps, I added a .htaccess file today, to catch all (I think) the pages whose name changed in the reorg, or which were dropped.
October 4, 2002
Finally finished this site's third major overhaul! It's been quite an ordeal - converting 121 pages to the new format and (I think ...) checking every link, plus converting my three database applets to write source pages in the new "Ethiopia" format, not the old "" format.

I've even gotten to the September support group changes and additions - now I'll start whittling away at the backlog.

September 22, 2002
I think maybe it's time to drop the always-weak "Offline" section. It's hard enough verifying online info ....
September 19, 2002
Started moving these pages into my new site maintenance system, which pours text into templates and builds the menus and clue boxes.
May 26, 2002
Finally got my vendor and web page applets working after an database "upgrade" broke them back in October of 2001, when I was too busy with the book to deal with it. Weeded out a few bad links; should be able to at least keep up with new links, now. (Sorry, still no progress on my two year support group update backlog.)
February 6, 2002
Started redesigning these pages to get rid of frames.
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