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Please, read this page before you ask for personal advice, send me a link, link to one of my pages, or copy any of my text or markup.

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Ask me for advice

People often ask me for homeschooling advice, and I do my best to answer quickly and on their terms. However, I do not have any substantial amounts of unpublished information. If I don't have any information on laws or support groups in your area in my list of lists, then your best bet will usually be to post a message to the home-ed mailing list or to the home-school news groups.

Please note that we are unschoolers here, and use no curriculum. In addition, I have a 'hands off' policy with regard to vendors, so I can avoid requests for free publicity and/or reviews. I can not and will not recommend any curricula, accredited distance learning, or online lessons - I urge you to take all these questions to the home-ed mailing list.

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Send me a link

I appreciate every link I receive via email, and they constitute a sizable minority of the material here. Unfortunately, I spend much too much time online, and so tend to put some submissions in an 'in basket' that I then attack when I have the time.

  • Home schooler's personal home pages and links to other homeschool homepages generally get linked in as soon as I receive them, assuming that a quick check shows that they are indeed homeschoolers' pages.
  • Lists of support groups in a particular area and/or a particular state's homeschooling laws often get filed for later processing, but get priority when I do have time to attack the backlog.
  • Pointers to homeschooling products vendors' pages used to get such a low priority that at one point I had a nine months backlog in my Vendors folder. I finally decided to let market forces take care of this problem: I'm no longer providing free vendor links. If you'd like to have a link to your product on my page, please see the Vendors section for more information.
  • Unfortunately, pointers to neat pages that kids will like generally get filed and forgotten. I just don't have the time to do a lot of Web crawling, and pointers to pages that are fun and educational - but not explicitly home school related - are definitely lacking around here. I'd like to do something about this someday, but fortunately there already are plenty of good kid's pages on the Web.

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Link to my pages

Please, go ahead and link to my resource page. Don't feel that you have to ask permission! I would, however, like to ask that you only link to the main resource page,, and not to any of the subpages or named anchors. This leaves me the freedom to move and/or rename files and anchors.

Those of you who didn't honor this request ended up with a bunch of broken links when I moved my pages to my own domain back in 1995; in 1997 when I reorganized my pages to use frames; and again in 2002 when I got rid of the frames.

If you still want to link to specific points in my pages, I suggest that you do something like

Check out <a href=>this</a> nifty link into <a href=>Jon's Homeschool Resource Page</a>.
- ie, give your readers the general link to fall back on if or when the more specific link breaks.
Please use my domain name in your links is what's known as a virtual domain. That is, I don't run my own Web server, but rent space on a big machine with a fast net connection. This means that access to my pages is generally a lot faster than it would be with any full-time net connection that I'd be willing to pay for. It also means that at times all my pages have two addresses: when I used, each page had a permanent (or actual) address at, and a temporary (or accidental) address at

I mention this because some search engines - especially the ones that seek out pages automatically, instead of relying on submissions - show the temporary, accidental addresses, because that's how they ran into my pages. In turn, I've seen a few pages with links to these addresses, instead of to the addresses. When I changed ISP's, these links all became invalid, while links to the addresses were still perfectly fine.

That's why I ask that you use in all your links. It's not a matter of vanity, that I think looks "cooler" than or whatever - it's a matter of durability. Links to accidental addresses might break at any time; links to addresses should be good forever.

I have a vaguely plausible homeschool icon at the top and bottom of every page. If you'd like to stick this icon beside your link to my site, there are three sizes to choose from: big-hs-icon.gif, the large picture that was at the top of the main page back in the mid '90's; small-icon.gif, the picture at the top of every page; and tiny-icon.gif, the little picture that's besides the 'go home' link ("Part of Jon's Homeschool Resource Page") at the bottom of subsidiary pages. While I've used 'Ms Clayfoot' for some years now, and she's probably an inseparable part of my 'brand', she is just some Corel3 clipart which I've never been totally thrilled with - she may be replaced at any time. I'd suggest that you not copy any of the icons to your system but instead use HTML like this sample

23 x 55

76 x 191

45 x 96

<img alt="" align=center src =>
<a href=>Jon's Homeschool Resource Page</a>

to get the current icon off of this system.

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Copying my text or markup

Frankly, I can't see any point to doing this. What good's another homeschool page that just repeats what's already available somewhere else? To me, it makes much more sense to just link to my pages (after reading the caveats above) and concentrate your efforts on finding material I don't already have. Complementary pages are good for everyone; competing pages are just a silly waste of bandwidth.

Otoh, no matter what I say, some of you will still go ahead and copy my material. If you do so, be sure to give me credit. Plagiarism is illegal and immoral - while I won't sue you if you remove all the personal data from the <address> section at the bottom of each of my pages, I won't be particularly pleased, either.

Thank you for reading this
I hope this page doesn't seem rude or petulant. I resisted the temptation to post a FAQ and/or disclaimer page as long as I could, but I really do get too many queries from people who plainly didn't spend any time exploring my site - and I don't like it when my work is copied or modified with neither credit or notification.

Part of Jon's Homeschool Resources.

Copyright © 1995..2002 Jon Shemitz <>
August 27, 1995..October 9, 2002

Quick Tips
Support Groups
A local support group is usually the best place to go for info on testing and reporting requirements, and on how to get access to school (sports) facilities.
School Supplies
I can not and will not tell you where to buy school supplies like textbooks or whole curricula.