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is a forum for the discussion of any and all aspects of home-schooling: from completely unschooled and child-directed to rigidly curriculum-based and parent-led; from tips and experiences to meta-discussions of the nature of ideas and the structure of society. is a forum specifically for those home-schoolers who consider Christ the center of their life and the basis for all their decisions. Keeping all such religious references and justifications in the .christian group constitutes a vital fire wall that helps reduce tension between those who think that "secular humanism" is simply rationalism and those who think it is Satanism. is a moderated version of m.e.h-s.christian. It has the same charter - the only difference is supposed to be that the moderator represses the sort of Christian-baiting that can be pretty common in m.e.h-s.christian. is a low-traffic newsgroup for homeschoolers in the United Kingdom. is a low-traffic newsgroup for homeschoolers in and around Ottawa (Ontario, Canada). is a newsgroup about homeschooling in Lane County, Oregon.

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