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I get a lot of mail from people suggesting links for my homeschool resource page. I get so much, in fact, that I'm often months behind on updates, and have had to institute a sort of triage policy to keep the backlog within limits. This has meant that I generally leave "neat stuff" links to other people, and that the original vendors' page (long out of date and no longer online) ended up going over nine months without an update.

I didn't think that this was fair to them or to you. I finally realized that charging for ads not only helps pay my ISP bills but also has a self-limiting effect on the amount of mail I get from homeschool vendors.

So, I've been selling ads since 1995. Please be aware that what you see on the next page are all paid ads. The images and text come directly from the vendors. I have not verified any claims beyond checking that any web links actually worked on the day I posted the ad.

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