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Homeschooling Curriculumtop - Online Learning for Preschool, Elementary, & Middle School

Time4Learning provides a homeschool curriculum that includes language arts, math, and more for preschool, elementary and middle school learning. Time4Learning can be used as a supplement or core curriculum. For children, it's self-paced interactive learning. For parents, there are progress reports, complete scope and sequence, vendor phone/email support, and a friendly parents homeschooling community for advice. The homeschool language arts program teaches vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, grammar, spelling, word roots, literary analysis, and critical thinking. Time4Learning's homeschool math program teaches arithmetic, geometry, spatial reasoning, data analysis, probability, word problems, measurement, and algebra. Time4Learning has helped thousands of families, why not yours?

Homeschooling Resourcestop

Homeschooling Resources

Homeschooling families often search for online resources where they can meet others that follow similar learning styles. Whether you're looking for an online curriculum, Christian based program, secular curriculum or even homeschool literature, there are many websites that can help you find what you're looking for. is a multifunctional site that provides many secular homeschooling resources. Their active forum includes various topics on styles, issues and extracurricular activities. is a convenient homeschooling resource that contains literature, stories about homeschoolers, and author interviews. - Online secular homeschooling resources - Books about homeschoolers - Online homeschooling curriculum

Online Writing Coursestop - Online Writing Courses for Homeschool Students

Time4Writing provides online, eight week writing courses that help students build writing skills. Students learn through one-on-one interaction with a certified teacher. Thousands of students register to Time4Writing year-round.

Time4Writing's courses provide the editorial feedback that helps students improve. Students have at least one writing assignment each week and feedback is provided the very next day.

Time4Writing is a spinoff of Time4Learning which provides an automated homeschool curriculum. Time4Writing wascreated to respond to parents' requests for teaching writing. To discuss how this works with other parents, stop by the parents homeschooling community.

Time4Writing - Online writing courses for homeschoolers

Vocabulary & Spellingtop - A Vocabulary & Spelling Program

SpellingCity is an online program that makes learning weekly word lists fun. A companion site for Vocabulary Building provides lesson plans and graphical exercises. What makes these sites of educational games so special for homeschool learning?
  • 50,000 words and thousands of spelling lists, including plurals, contractions, past and future tenses
  • A REAL person's voice says the word and uses it in a sentence
  • Save spelling lists
  • Play games with words or word lists
  • Printable lists for handwriting practice
  • Materials that support lessons on sound alike words, and

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