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Many homeschoolers buy music or art lessons, or perhaps math or science tutoring. While I'm always getting mail from people looking to offer these lessons, I never had any way of putting them together - I tend to get behind even when I limit myself to free, non-commercial listings. In the summer of 2003, I wrote some code to largely automate posting and expiring classified ads. This lets me offer classified ads on my regional pages, which I think will help everyone: my homeschooling readers; the people with services to offer, or events to promote; and me.

For now, I will only offer classifed ads on the 52 state pages (plus the pages about homeschooling in other first-world countries) listed on my support groups & homeschooling law page. (I may open up other pages to ads, if I think the ads would actually help my readers.) The Rates page explains the pricing scheme; the Place an ad page lets you send me an ad to run.

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August 17, 2003

Quick Tips
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Classified ads run under the Quick Tips box, if any. The tips are relatively permanent, and I only put them up if I think they'll be interesting and/or useful to the average reader.

Classified Ads

Classified Ad
This is what a classified ad looks like. It can contain HTML links, plus bold and italic.