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This is the place you can contact me with a question that's not answered on the site or with a listing update or other content suggestion.

Questions top
When you've looked but can't find the answer

Have you read my Read Me page yet? I don't know anything about the laws or support groups in your area that's not on my page for your area. Also, I can not and will not recommend any curricula, accredited distance learning, or online lessons. Nor can I help you find homeschooling families in your area who aren't listed on my site.

If you still have a question, I'll be glad to try to answer it.

Suggestions top
New listings &c

I do apreciate any and all link suggestions. At the same time, I'm always backlogged, and so employ a rough sort of triage whereby personal pages get priority over support group listings and other content.

Personal Pages top

If you want me to list your personal page please consider including your zip code so that homeschoolers near you can find you easily.

Support Group Listings top

If you want to send me a new support group listing or to send me an update to an existing listing, please be sure to include
The group's name I list groups alphabetically, by the group name. If your group has a catchy acronym, be sure to point that out.
A short description of the group This is optional, but recommended - it's your chance to tell readers how your group differs from all the other groups in the area. Aim for 25 words or less and avoid first person words like "we" or "our" - I edit most descriptions, and the more your description looks like others on my site, the more likely it is to run unchanged.
Contact information This can be as little as an email address or a phone number, or it can include everything from PO box to fax number. (However, I've stopped including contact information for most groups that have their own website - the group's own site is more likely to reflect any changes than my site is.) Be sure to tell me what state you're in - you wouldn't believe how many people expect me to magically know something like which "Springfield" they're talking about!
Zip code I hope to move support group listings to an online database sometime soon. Instead of presenting all listings for your state, the database will just show the groups closest to you. This will be especially beneficial to those who live in states with lots of support groups, and to those groups near the sparsely populated border of two or more states.

Other Content top

I'm always interested in well-written essays, bibliographies, and other useful reference material.

I do ignore most 'content' suggestions, but feel free to send me pointers to your math / science / literacy sites.

I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in your homeschooling fair or other event - I have enough of a backlog even without adding listings that expire and need to be removed. (Maybe someday the online database will eliminate this restriction.)

I don't offer any free product listings. No exceptions.

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Quick Tips
I don't know ....
Anything about your local schools. I live in Santa Cruz, California - and am far from being an expert even on Santa Cruz. What I am good at is collecting and organizing information. If you have a question about your local schools or homeschooling parents near you, please look at my page for your area.
I'm always very backlogged - please don't be offended if it takes me a long time to do anything about your suggestion.