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Broad lists for homeschooling parents

There have gotten to be a lot of homeschooling mailing lists - these are some of the largest and oldest:

The broadest list, with lots of often rather tangential traffic. (Don't get me wrong - it's a great list - but don't join it if you already have too much email! A digest version is available, which trims out all the tangents.) Subscribe by sending subscribe to aka "ca-ca", a Canadian spin off from home-ed. Home-based learners of all stripes, a lot of unschoolers. Mostly Canadians with a few ex-pats and wannabes - "generally pretty intelligent discussion - almost always polite".
Highschool Home-Ed
A list for those with highschool aged homeschoolers. To subscribe, send subscribe highschool-home-ed Your Name to "A family of mail lists designed to be a relaxed, informative, and all-around pleasant forum for discussing the practical aspects of Christian home schooling. No theological debates, no political debates." (Homeschooling Unitarian Universalists, Humanists, and those on other roads less travelled) - lifelong learning, the development of personal theologies, and support for homeschooling members of minority religions and/or marginalized groups (minority sexual orientations, people of color, people with disabilities, single parents, etc.) To subscribe, send subscribe HUUH-L your name to Many Paths Homeschoolers loop is an email loop for all homeschoolers. Folks are welcome regardless of race, religion (or lack of it), lifestyle, homeschool style, sexual orientation or family makeup. Bring your sense of humor, an open mind and a willingness to learn about others! The one thing we all have in common is that we want the best for our children. This loop was started by a Christian mom and a Pagan mom who met online and decided to build bridges of understanding between homeschoolers of every persuasion.
RU - Radical Unschooling
A list for those who are already unschooling to share experiences, opinions, and resources. People who "lean towards unschooling", who use a curriculum "in a relaxed way" or who want to argue about unschooling are not welcome. To subscribe, send subscribe ru to A spin-off of RU, which "was getting quite 'controversial'," RUL offers "support, information, perspective, and enlightenment to anyone already unschooling or interested in unschooling.". A relatively low-volume spinoff from the overly chatty Unschooling List "for anyone with an interest in home education with unschooling leanings." A very high-volume, friendly and inclusive list for everyone interested in child-led learning, whether 'true' unschoolers or those just beginning to wean themselves from curricula. More of a support group or coffee klatch than a discussion forum; be prepared for an awful lot of fluff and gossip. Subscribe by sending subscribe to

Special Interest top
Political, philosophical, or geographic niches

A UK based mailing list with the aim of providing support and encouragement for families who home educate children with special educational needs.
Strong anti-government sentiments primarily from the "Christian" conservative / libertarian / anarchist end of the spectrum. Subscribe by sending a message to A low-traffic list for homeschoolers who use the ACE curriculum from School Of Tomorrow.
This mailing list is a bit different from the others, in that it's basically an weekly newsletter, not a discussion forum. It's "devoted to the KONOS unit study curriculum" and "is published by Lynn Hogan, well-known in KONOS circles." To subscribe, send join konos-korner to Taffie [Texas Advocates For Freedom In Education] is a mailing list for home schoolers in Texas. This is not strictly a home-schooling mailing list. It is sponsored by Sarah Lawrence of the eponymous British magazine, Taking Children Seriously and features serious discussion of what it means to raise children non-coercively, as human beings in their own right. (It can feel a bit like a cult at times, but some of the TCS ideas are very good indeed.) Subscribe by sending subscribe tcs first-name last-name (for example, "subscribe tcs John Galt") to

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Lists for homeschooled kids

Free Voice
"A place for teenage homeschool/unschoolers to share their writing, and discuss things. It comes out every two weeks, and to get on the mailing list, e-mail" "This is a list for home-educated children of all ages to discuss ideas, thoughts and pretty much everything with other similar kids. It's open to any kids who are homeschoolers and interested in various discussions based around the topic."
A list for unschooled and homeschooled kids of all ages and backgrounds. To subscribe, send subscribe hskids to

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Other homeschooling mailing lists

Karen Gibson
Karen Gibson <> maintains a large list of mailing lists.
Yahoo Groups
Yahoo Groups offers free mailing lists to anyone who's willing to put up with an ad on each message. This has made it a home to many small, regional and/or sectarian lists. Some of these are listed on the appropriate parts of my support groups list, but others are not.

Since these lists can come and go rather quickly, I would rather supply this link to a Yahoo search page than make any effort to list them all.

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