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November 15, 1998 Fixed some links on the Clear Thinking page.
November 13, 1998 Updated the Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington state pages as well as the LDS, Essays, and unschooling pages.
November 12, 1998 Updated the Oklahoma page.
November 11, 1998 Updated the Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Maine, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas pages.
November 10, 1998 Updated the Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Washington as well as the Canada, LDS, and organizations pages.
November 6, 1998 Started adding links to the Welcome page back to the bottom of every 'leaf' page. I took these out when I went to frames, figuring that the backlinks on the top were probably enough, but I've seen a few links to relatively deep leaves out there, and figure the link back to the main page is probably a good idea.

Updated the Alabama, Australia, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Sweden, and Catholic pages.

November 6, 1998 Started nibbling on the rest of my backlog. Updated the newsletters, LDS, unschooling, as well as the Maine, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Texas pages.
October 31, 1998 Started catching up on my backlog - adding personal pages, fixing broken links, and so on - while waiting for trick or treaters.
October 30, 1998 My contracts are done, for now, so I started whittling away at my six month backlog. I expanded the Other Homeschool Homepages applet to handle the personal web pages, too. This will reduce (eliminate?) careless HTML errors; keep the columns balanced automatically; and (when I actually have some zip codes) allow me to present the pages sorted by zip codes, so that you can find homeschoolers near you. I'm putting up the new, program-generated pages: No new entries, but a few bad links removed. Now all I have to do is to (sigh) actually start on my backlog.

June 14, 1998 Seriously backlogged, but Jon's Homeschool Resource Page Is Four Years Old Today!

March 29, 1998 Updated the mailing lists and web resources pages as well as the Florida page.
March 24, 1998 Updated the Pennsylvania page.
March 20, 1998 Updated the chat channels page.
March 17, 1998 Updated the Indiana page. Added to the essays page.
March 14, 1998 Updated the Arizona, Oregon, and Virginia pages.
March 12, 1998 Reorganized and added to the General Education page. Added to the Organizations page. Updated the Florida, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Ohio pages.
March 10 &
11, 1998
Did a bit of cosmetic fine-tuning on the Welcome page and the 'jumpbar' in the top frame. Do you like the new layout? Does it seem better than the old way, with the Quick Tips along the side, and the topics at the bottom, set off with that dorky pair of horizontal lines?
March 9, 1998 Folded the "What's New" section into the "Contents" section, so as to cut down on the number of top-level topics and shrink the 'jump bar' a bit. Renamed the "FAQ's and Essays" section "Files" for similar reasons.
March 4, 1998 Stopped listing "cover schools" on my Alabama page - replaced my list with a link to a site in Alabama with a very good list. Updated the Texas and Ohio pages, again. Added quite a bit to my Catholic page, courtesy of Maureen Wittmann <>.
March 3, 1998 Added a Rhode Island page.
February 28, 1998 Updated the essays, web resources, Alabama and Texas pages.
February 25, 1998 Updated the Catholic page.
February 23, 1998 Updated the New Jersey page.
February 20, 1998 Added a page for Mexico.
February 16, 1998 Updated the unschooling and Canada page.
February 14, 1998 Updated the Tennessee page.
February 13, 1998 Updated the Illinois page.
February 12, 1998 Updated the California, Canada, and Ohio pages.
February 10, 1998 Updated the Catholic page.
February 8, 1998 Revamped the People pages.
February 7, 1998 Updated the Ohio page.
February 6, 1998 Updated the Alabama and Texas pages.
February 3, 1998 Updated the Michigan page.
February 2, 1998 Updated the mailing lists and Illinois and Pennsylvania pages.
February 1, 1998 I let the backlog get a bit deep. Added a few personal pages; updated the mailing lists, Web Resources, and magazines pages as well as the Alabama, Ohio, and Pennsylvania pages.
January 19, 1998 Updated the New Zealand and Texas pages.
January 18, 1998 Updated the Colorado page and the newsgroup page.
January 16, 1998 Updated the Alabama, New Hampshire, and Ohio pages.
January 14, 1998 Updated the Alabama page.
January 13, 1998 Updated the West Virgina page.
January 9, 1998 Tané Tachyon's birthday!
Updated the Alaska page.
January 8, 1998 Updated the Maryland page.
January 5, 1998 Added a link to a page on Homeschooling Kids With Disabilities to my Web Resources page.
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