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This page has three parts:
Support Groups Neighbors to meet
Mailing Lists Neighbors to talk to
Web Pages Maine-specific web pages

Support Groups top
Neighbors to meet

Over the years, many people have contributed to these listings. The seeds of the collection came from Ruthann Biel, Growing Without Schooling, and Home Education Press.
An inclusive group comprised of homeschooling families in central Maine. Monthly Newsletter and Schedule of Events - on-line, E-mail, and via snail mail. All ages welcome!
Global Learning Center
Frank J. Heller
Home Educators and Family Services
Jane Boswell, Shirley Minster
P.O. Box 1056
Gray, Maine 04039
"Established in 1990 as a ministry to support Maine families in their God-given and constitutional right and responsibility to oversee the education of their children."
Maine Catholic Home Education Network
210 Beech Ridge Road
Scarborough, ME 04074
Maine Home Education Associates
Ann Cox Halkett
Maine Homeschool Association
PO Box 421
Topsham, Maine 04086
Peninsula Area Homeschooling Assoc
PO Box 235
Deer Isle, Maine 04627
[This is a New Hampshire group - please see my listing on that page]
Sebago Lake Homeschoolers
5 School Street
Standish, Maine 04084
Southern Maine Home Education Support Network
42 Hammond Road
Parsonsfield, Maine 04047
Western Washington City Homeschoolers
RFD 1 Box 93
Harrington, Maine 04643

Mailing Lists top
Neighbors to talk to

A mailing list for discussing anything applicable to homeschooling and/or unschooling, whether in general or with regard to Maine particulars. To subscribe, send subscribe mhl in the body of a message to

Web Pages top
Maine-specific web pages

Lots of good resources for homeschooling in general, and for Maine in particular.
This support group's page also has a good collection of general Maine homeschooling links.

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