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Clear Thinking

Clarity and accuracy in thinking and writing will not "just happen". They require a lot of practice - and some knowledge of a few fundamentals.

Here are some net.documents that may help with the fundamentals.

Learning top
Lifelong learning doesn't come naturally

Here is an interesting essay by C. B. Willis on Learning How to Learn. Remember, these days "job security" is just another quaint anachronism: You have to stay flexible if you don't want to be out of work at 45. (Specific skills are less important than skill acquisition skills.)

Logic and Logical Fallacies top
Formal logic and logical fallacies

The alt.atheism FAQ file Constructing a Logical Argument is a rather good introduction to formal logic.
Logical Fallacies
The short list of logical fallacies - ironically enough, off of AOL - is a good introduction to logical fallacies.

The longer list of logical fallacies (which is actually just a link into the alt.atheism FAQ file) takes a more encyclopedic approach.

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