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Over the years, many people have contributed to these listings. The seeds of the collection came from Ruthann Biel, Growing Without Schooling, and Home Education Press.
Support, activities, classes, and a newsletter, for homeschoolers in Southwest Missouri.
A St Louis area umbrella group, with numerous local affiliates.
Jon & Candy Summers
Kansas City. Christian.
Inclusive. Homeschoolers come from all religions, denominations, backgrounds, and cultures - we embrace this diversity and our programs do not reflect any favoritism to one particular group.
Claims to be the Lobbying Group for all home educators in the state of Missouri. Not affiliated with any religious, political organization or special interest group. Works to win support for home education among the general public as well as lawmakers and public officials. Focused on monitoring state legislative activity through their registered lobbyist; also provides legally accurate information to anyone interested in home education.
A St. Louis area, inclusive and secular community for families with inquisitive and imaginative children.
HomeSchool Families of Greater St. Louis
Monthly meetings and field trips; bimonthly playgroup. Field trips are geared towards places in the St. Louis area that are not normally available to homeschoolers.
A secular support group based in the metro Kansas City area, serving Kansas and Missouri. Supports families with a wide variety of ideologies regarding education, parenting, culture, and religion.
[This is a Kansas group - please see my listing on that page]
SLHSN - St. Louis Homeschool Network
Diverse, with many philosophies; focused exclusively on homeschooling issues. Meetings, resources, newsletter and activities. Membership is $12 per year; new homeschooler's Information Packet is $3.
Karen Karabell
4147 West Pine
St. Louis, MO 63108
Regina Till, Newsletter Editor <>
[This is a Illinois group - please see my listing on that page]

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