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Mailing Lists Neighbors to talk to
Law Illinois homeschooling laws

Support Groups top
Neighbors to meet

Over the years, many people have contributed to these listings. The seeds of the collection came from Ruthann Biel, Growing Without Schooling, and Home Education Press.
Christian-based, meets in Joliet. Co-op providing academic and social enrichment. Weekly classes and field trips.
"to preserve homeschooling liberties in the state of Illinois."
PO Box 47322
Chicago, Illinois 60647-0322
Christian Teen Homeschoolers
For middle school and high school students in/near South Elgin. Offers various classes, outings and get togethers for the teens. Monthly parents' meetings.
Tracie Pannell <>
FAITH - Family Association of Illinois Teaching Homes
A very relaxed hs group serving Southern IL/Western KY.
Carmen Kennedy
P.O. Box 1125
Metropolis, IL 62960
Meets in south suburban Chicago; open to all.
Newcomer's packet available.
Home Schooling Gifted Students
Northeastern Illinois. Mutual support in the challenge of home schooling gifted students.
Cindi Link <>
2306 Orrington Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201
Statewide, since 1983. Information packets for new home educators; support for support groups; a listing of over 100 support groups throughout Illinois; annual conventions, and conferences.
PO Box 775
Harvard, Illinois 60033
815-943-7882, fax 815-943-7883
Interfaith Home Education
Info, support and help; also ordering books through Scholastic. All faiths & religions are welcomed - but, please, homeschoolers only.
K. Hudson <>
986 Grand Ave
Aurora, IL 60506
Joliet Area Homeschool Fellowship
Christian. Supports parents who are or will be teaching their children at home. Information on our present legal rights and any relevant new legislation; Opportunities for our children to interact with other homeschooled children through planned educational and recreational activities. Meets second Tuesday of each month.
Maris A. Foran
25638 S. Parkside Drive
Channahon, IL 60410
Info on local resources for books, trips, and a support group, email and in person.
NICHE - Network of Illinois Catholic Home Educators
Catholic curriculum resources and networking.
Karen Dempsey <>
Catholic homeschoolers in the northwest suburbs of Chicago
Belleville, Illinois - close to St. Louis, Missouri. Over 150 families; wide variety of activities and functions to provide support and facilitate the networking of like-minded believers.
The Unschoolers Network
Chicago metro and suburban areas. Info, help, & support in unschooling: Children learn what they need to learn when they need to learn it.
K. Hudson <>
986 Grand Ave
Aurora, IL 60506

Mailing Lists top
Neighbors to talk to

For Christian Families who plan to or are currently homeschooling in the state of Illinois.
"Unschooling has many definitions, such as 'child-led learning' and 'learning from life's experiences.' But no matter how you define it, we'll discuss it here."

Law top
Illinois homeschooling laws

ALL the Illinois Home Education Laws in One Place is the place to go for definitive answers. For a quick overview, the following 1995 selection by "Phil B." <> from the Christian Home Educators Coalition's (CHEC) The Facts on Home Schooling in Illinois should be quite satisfactory:

Illinois compulsory attendance law, chapter 122, 26-1, does not prohibit the operation of private schools in the home.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled in "People v. Levisen", 404 Ill. 574, 90 N.E. 2d 213 (1950), specifically allowing private/home schools to operate. The Illinois Supreme Court defined a school as "a place where instruction is imparted to the young."

Illinois law does not require non-accredited private schools to provide an education that is equivalent to the public schools.

The Illinois Board of Education has consistently recognized the right of private/home schools to legally operate since the Levisen ruling. Private/home schools are under no obligation to register with any public school agency. The only requirement for private/home schools are that the subjects being taught are comparable to those taught in public schools and that they are taught in the English language.

The Illinois School Code (122, 26-1) only mandates that private schools expose children to the branches of learning being utilized by local school districts. The Illniois State Board of Education has never been given the power or authority to make legally binding rules and regulations for non-accredited private schools.

The Illinois State Constitution, Article X, Section 1 & 2, only give the state authority to establish, maintain and control public schools, not private schools.

In conclusion, if public officials contact home school parents, the only information that they are entitled to receive is a written statement declaring that the children are receiving instruction for approximately 176 days per year with a curriculum that is printed in English, and contains subjects comparable to subjects students in public schools are studying. Home school parents are NOT required to complete or submit the voluntary registration form that is sent out by some public school officials, entitled "Statement of Assurance."

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