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Homeschooling - A Librarian's Perspective

Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 19:29:14 -0400
Subject: Homeschooling - A Librarian's Perspective

Hello everyone,

Librarians have been deluged with requests from homeschoolers for the past ten years or so. As a librarian, as well as a homeschooler, I really have been fascinated with the various reasons parents give to me for their decision to home school.

An article, which may be of particular interest to the new homeschooler as well as to those who are currently undecided, appeared in what is commonly referred to as the Librarian's Bible, i.e. Library Journal. Many librarians base their ordering decisions on reviews mentioned in each issue.

An Educated Collection for Homeschoolers is a fascinating article which appeared in the February 1, 1995 issue of Library Journal. Pamela R. Klipsch, Youth Services Librarian at the Hayner Public LIbrary District in Alton, IL has written a very thoughtful article which is sure to answer many of the questions new homeschoolers may have. In addition, her reviews of the various noteworthy books and journals will be a great help to those not knowing quite how to go about obtaining the extensive information they need to make an enlightened decision.

The following are just some of the books, journals and newsletters which she found to be helpful:

  • Alternatives in Education by Mark and Helen Hegener
  • Is Public Education Necessary? by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
  • The Exhausted School: The First National Grassroots Speakout on the Right to School Choice by John Taylor Gatto
  • The Handbook of Alternative Education by Jerry Mintz and others
  • The Home-Schooling Resource Guide and Directory or Organizations by Mary Hood
  • Home Education Resource Guide by Don Hubbs
  • The Home School Source Book by Donn Reed
  • Growing Without Schooling by Susannah Sheffer
  • The Teaching Home by Sue Welch
  • Homeschooling Laws in All Fifty States: State by State Home School Manual by Steve Deckard
  • Taking Charge Through Home Schooling: Personal and Political Empowerment by Larry and Susan Kaseman
  • Modern Montessori at Home: A Complete Guide to Teaching Your Preschooler at Home Using the Montessori Method by Heidi Anne Spietz
  • Modern Montessori at Home: A Creative Teaching Guide for Parents of Children Six through Nine Years of Age by Heidi Anne Spietz
  • Modern Montessori at Home II: A Creative Teaching Guide for Parents of Children 10 through 12 Years of Age by Heidi Anne Spietz
  • The Home School Manual: Plans, Pointers, Reasons and Resources for parents Who Teach Their Own Children by Theordore E. Wade and others
  • Children's Software Review (bi-monthly) by Active Learning Assocs.
  • Children's Video Report by Martha Dewing
  • Prides' Guide to Educational Software by Mary and Bill Pride
  • Books Children Love: A Guide to the Best Children's Literature by Elizabeth L. Wilson
  • Homeschooling for Excellence by David and Micki Colfax
  • Better Than School: One Family's Declaration of Independence by Nancy Wallace
  • Real Lives: Eleven Teenagers Who Don't Go to School by Grace Llewellyn

The above is just a sampling. For other resources and complete reviews go to your nearest public library and ask the reference librarian for the 2/1/95 issue of Library Journal. The complete article begins on page 47 and ends on page 49.


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