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This page is divided into four parts:
FAQ Files Lists of Frequently Asked Questions
Handbooks Handbooks, reading lists, &c
Interviews Interviews with education mavericks
Essays Thoughts reassuring and subversive

FAQ Files top
Lists of Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Question file is a popular Internet convention. If you are new to homeschooling you probably have lots of questions. What's more, chances are that these are the same questions that others have asked before you. Looking at these FAQ files can save you time; provide reassurance that others have been where you are now and thrived; and prevent others from spending their time answering the same questions time and again.

Handbooks top
Handbooks, reading lists, &c

New homeschooler's handbooks, somewhat incongruously lumped together with reading lists.

Interviews top
Interviews with education mavericks

You may find these interesting.

Essays top
Thoughts reassuring and subversive

Not to mention both thoughtful and humorous.

Part of Jon's Homeschool Resources.

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