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Unschooling You can't mass produce creativity

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A famous 1991 essay by John Taylor Gatto. (The link above seems to be a bit unreliable - but there are plenty of other copies on the web.) By Jan Hunt of the Natural Child Project. an essay by John O. Andersen on eschewing college and careerism in favor of lifelong learning and voluntary simplicity. Some ruminations by Dave Mankins (former moderator of the home-ed mailing list) on the infamous right-wing lobbying group. (More Information About HSLDA is a good compilation of the case for avoiding the HSLDA.) A fun variant on the FAQ, also by Dave Mankins.

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The current moderator of the home-ed mailing list, Heather Madrone is writing a book about homeschooling. This page hasn't changed in a while, and reflects her early thinking on homeschooling. My favorite Christian homeschooler: bright, thoughtful, and articulate. Here's a collection of his essays. I used to have a link for a Pennsylvania group named the Valley Unschooler's Network. When I checked all those links in Oct02, I found that the Network had gone the way of all parenting, leaving these essays by Charles Kiernan. The author of We're NOT Off to See the Wizard is perhaps a bit too prolix, but many of his essays are worth reading.

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You can't mass produce creativity

Unrests unveiled by Eric Anderson. An essay by Patrick Farenga from Growing Without Schooling. By Earl Stevens. An essay by Luz Shosie of Connecticut's Unschoolers Support on 'finishing' unschooling. By Jeanne Musfeldt, a Christian unschooling Mom.

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