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Home-ed FAQ file (1994)

Home Education Mailing List Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Last changed 15 October 1994
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FAQ-maintainer: (Dave Mankins)

Welcome to the Home Education Mailing List!

Top-Level Table Of Contents

  1. Administrivia
  2. Mailing-List-Specific Questions
  3. General Questions About Homeschooling
  4. Homeschooling Resource Guide


The mailing list works as a 'reflector'. When you send a message to it, it is forwarded to all of the subscribers. The Reply-To address is changed to point back at the list. Some broken mail programs ignore the Reply-To, so you will have to manually enter the list address. [Please turn off "Read Receipt" if you have it. Otherwise, the administrator gets many copies of the receipts!! ]
****    Lately, we've averaged 30 messages a day.  Many people find
****    this many email interruptions to be burdensome.  To help remedy
****    this, the list is also available in digest form.  The digest
****    comes as one big package every day, instead of many little
****    messages scattered throughout each day.
****    The digest includes almost every message sent to the home-ed list
****    (exceptions are:
****            - ``me, too/well put'' messages that add no content to
****              the message being echoed,
****            - list-server commands that somehow get past the
****              list-server,
****            - discussions of whether a topic is germane to the
****              list, and
****            - some of the ``flames'' that result from a clash of
****              world-views among list participants.
****    To receive the digest instead of the mail-reflector, just send a
****    request to asking to be put on the digest
****    list instead of the mail-reflector list.
****    Note that the digest is automatically forwarded to the
**** newsgroup.  You may wish to
****    keep this in mind when composing your messages.
****    Please send requests to be deleted from the home-ed list to
****, not to
The list is getting pretty big (around 700 members) and is currently quite active. Please note that many of our subscribers pay access charges to read messages posted to this list. Please keep submissions on the topic of home education, and avoid getting into arguments about religion or politics. Don't be afraid to contribute or ask questions though!

Speaking of asking questions, here are some of those that seem to be asked frequently.

NOTE WELL: The answers to these questions are the opinions of those members of the list who have volunteered them. If you disagree, let us know, and we will include your opinions as well! Things not quoted are usually written by one of the list maintainers, though we may have forgotten to attribute some of it. My apologies if this is the case. Let me know and I will give you credit.


early 1991
List founded by David Feldman at UNH.
summer 1991
Rapid growth makes manual resending unwieldy.
fall 1991
Rowan Hawthorne starts administering automated list.
January 1992
First version of this FAQ. Low volume.
February 1992
Sandra Petit begins a list of member information.
May 1992
Mailing list membership passes 100.
June 1992
Redistribution begins on several BBS systems.
August 1992
List moves to, Kee Hinckley administering.
September 1992
Membership reaches 150, Sandra resigns, volume heavy.
November 1992
Dave Mankins takes over as moderator. List moves to The Learning List spins off.
July 1993
List moves to; it reaches 300 members.
August 1993
home-ed-digest is created.
March 1994
List (and digest) reach 500 members.
July 1994
List (and digest) reach almost 700 members. and created

Next part of the FAQ. (Dave Mankins)

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