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Neighbors to meet

Over the years, many people have contributed to these listings. The seeds of the collection came from Ruthann Biel, Growing Without Schooling, and Home Education Press.
Monthly discussions and events.
Christian. Established to strengthen and encourage the African-American homeschooling family, but not limited to that single objective: first and foremost, a Christian homeschool support group.
EHT - Eclectic Homeschoolers of Tennessee
An inclusive statewide organization serving families of all homeschooling styles and philosophies. EHT has no official political, philosophical, or religious orientation nor is EHT involved in matters outside of homeschooling.
Jacki Willard <>
Smoky Mountain Saints
Meet first Tuesday of every month in Seveirville.
Robert Crowson,
Selah Homeschool Group
Monthly Moms' meetings monthly; quarterly children's meetings. Christian emphasis, with prayer and devotional time. Family initiated field trips.
Missy Griffith
Knoxville, TN.
Statewide group with many local chapters which each offer a newsletter, curriculum fair, graduation ceremony, and phone / fax / e-mail chain for legislative alerts regarding pending or proposed legislation.
Memphis area. "Support for all families involved in home education, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or homeschooling philosophy."

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Neighbors to talk to

Announcements about learning events "within a day's drive" of "Middle Tennessee" that eclectic homeschoolers might find interesting. Field trips, tutors, classes, cultural events, &c.
A "place of information sharing and encouragement for those parents who home educate their children in Tennessee." Also see the TnHomeEd web page.
An inclusive list serving Tennessee homeschoolers since February 1998. Hostess Jacki Willard <> has been networking online & IRL with homeschoolers since 1990. "Y'all come visit now, sit a spell, take your shoes off ...."
A "list for parents who homeschool their children in Tennessee. It does not matter how you homeschool as long as you do."

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