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A to Z - Home's Cool
Ann Zeise
A large, well organized site from the former MINING COMPANY homeschool guide.
**** Secular Last visited: Jun 1, 99

Best Homeschooling
Lillian Jones
A nice collection of essays.
**** Secular Last visited: Jun 26, 02

Canadian Alliance of Home Schoolers
The Alternate Press
Canadian links, and homeschooling articles that you won't find elsewhere.
**** Secular Last visited: Feb 12, 98

Canadian Homeschooling Resource Page
Jill Campbell
General information and links, as well as pages on legal requirements in each Canadian province.
*** Secular Last visited: Nov 24, 96

Educate Online
Educate Online
Primarily for UK homeschoolers; some will interest people in other countries, too.
*** Secular Last visited: May 26, 02

Finding Homeschool Support on the Internet
A large, actively maintained site. Somewhat garish and difficult to navigate, but worth the effort.
**** Secular Last visited: Jan 17, 99

HERO - Home Educator's Resources Online
Ronald J. Bowden
Less gaudy, ugly, and poorly organized than it used to be; still full of material copied from my page.
* Secular Last visited: May 27, 02

Hadalgo Bay Homeschool
Cathie Lehocky
Nice enough site, with clunky layout and some broken internal links.
** Secular Last visited: Nov 6, 02

HomEduStation - Homeschool education resources, laws, and more on the Internet
Ken McMullen
Well organized, nicely annotated, medium size.
*** Secular Last visited: Mar 10, 99

Home 2 Teach
Eileen Heath
Enthusiastic! Garish! Underwhelming!
** Secular Last visited: Nov 6, 02

Home Schooling Resources
Bill Beaty
Your basic link farm, with an emphasis on science links.
** Secular Last visited: Nov 24, 96

Gail Withrow
A thoughtful, coherent, and well laid-out site espousing Gail Withrow's somewhat idiosyncratic views on homeschooling. (Among other things, she has her own definition of homeschooling, which excludes unschooling.) I think everyone would benefit from visiting this site, if only to gain some insight into the philosophical underpinnings of "school at home".
**** Secular Last visited: Jan 17, 99

Homeschool Knotwork
A good, basic - if rather stale - homeschooling site, with a (to me) refreshing dose of Free Software attitude.
** Secular Last visited: Feb 11, 98
Tracy Lamb
A new site, with nice FAQ and Who We Are pages. Still sparse and the UI is clunky, but both may have changed by the time you read this.
** Secular Last visited: Aug 1, 03

Homeschooling - Home Page on
Beverly Hernandez
A big, sprawling site. The organization is a bit bizarre, and it juxtaposes good content with the most incredibly banal crud from it's parent site, - but there's a lot of work here. Something for everyone, especially those with fast net connections.
*** Secular Last visited: Aug 3, 00

Homeschooling On A Shoestring
Jodi Robertson
How to homeschool without spending a lot of money. Moved recently, and few links work.
* Secular Last visited: May 2, 03

Homeschooling in Japan
Angela Bartlett
An overwhelming breadth of resources. (Could, in fact, use some selection, or at least better organization.)
***** Secular Last visited: Sep 23, 02

Learning Treasures
Belinda Mooney
A 'cute' site, with resources for very young children (maybe K-2.)
** Secular Last visited: Nov 6, 02

Michael's Home Education Home Page
Michael Moy
A well-organized, no-nonsense page with some good information.
**** Secular Last visited: Mar 11, 00

School Is Dead, Learn in Freedom!
Karl Bunday
A fine site, full of original content. It started out well and has gotten better with age.
***** Secular Last visited: Oct 31, 98

Spotlight on Homeschooling
J.D. Tuccille
An overview and some links.
** Secular Last visited: Jan 18, 00

THE SITE for Homeschool Beginners and Veterans
Ed Dickerson
Sketchy and amateurish site with some plugs for Ed's book - but some good, Iowa-specific info.
** Secular Last visited: Sep 13, 99

Teach-At-Home, Inc.
Cluttered, covered with ads, poorly organized. But lots and lots of links.
* Secular Last visited: Nov 7, 02

The Homeschool Page
Jackie van Oostrom
Educational material for young children as well as some general-purpose homeschooling articles, advocacy, and links.
*** Secular Last visited: Nov 19, 99

The Madrone Homeschool
Heather Madrone
Heather Madrone is one of the most articulate and New Agey members of the home-ed mailing list, and a self-certified math nerd, too. She's put together a collection of what she thinks are her best messages about home (un)schooling, and you really ought to take a look at it.
***** Secular Last visited: Mar 29, 00

The Teel Home Education Page
Teel family
I guess there's not much to do during an Alaska winter besides tend Web pages - the Teels have been at this for years, and they're still doing weekly updates.
***** Secular Last visited: Nov 26, 96

U*Seek*U*Find Homeschool Resource Page
Kathlene Rushing
A decent, unannotated link collection; part of a much larger page.
** Secular Last visited: May 29, 97

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