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Neighbors to meet

Over the years, many people have contributed to these listings. The seeds of the collection came from Ruthann Biel, Growing Without Schooling, and Home Education Press.
Wake County, secular. Helping children develop and maintain social connections with other young people in area. Park days, playdates, field trips and classes; regular community building / information sharing / support gatherings for parents.
CHCH - Cashiers/Highlands Christian Homeschoolers
A support group serving the cities of Cashiers and Highlands, North Carolina. Monthly parent meetings will alternate between the two cities. Other activities include field trips, playdays, guest speakers and co-op classes.
Lise Dews <>
PO Box 188
Cashiers, NC 28717
Support and resources for homeschool families in Fayetteville and surrounding areas, and NC in general.
Beaufort County. "Christ-centered activities and fellowship" for established homeschoolers; "support, encouragement and information" for new or prospective homeschoolers.
A religiously and educationally inclusive network of homeschoolers across the state: Homeschooling is the point, not politics, religion, or other social issues. A volunteer organization, with no paid staff or office. Offers a newsletter, business letter, and at least two Gatherings a year.
An inclusive network of diverse homeschooling families who share information, ideas, and companionship. Operates as a cooperative with no hierarchy of membership.
Greensboro, NC S.U.N.
Suzanne Banks <>
Haywood Christian Home Educators
Haywood County - Waynesville, Canton, Clyde, Maggie Valley
47 Saddlebrook Lane
Clyde, North Carolina 28721
Western North Carolina, especially Haywood County.
Wilmington group that enables students to learn other subject matter through the Arts.
HEART - Home Educators Are Really Terrific!
Serving home schoolers in and around the Western Harnett County area.
Debbie Jackson <>
Nancy Vest <>
A statewide support network which believes that all homeschoolers' interests are served when we are seen by the government, the news media and the general public as a diverse people united in our love for our children.
[This is a Virginia group - please see my listing on that page]
An organization committed to providing resources for and lending support to African-American home educators in North Carolina.
Christian-run statewide organization, founded in 1984. Bimonthly newsletter.
Meets weekly at a local park for support and has activities throughout the year for children of all ages - always open to new members.
An informal and friendly secular group for families with children in high school and middle school. Teen activities such as laser tag, movie outings, rock climbing, Casino Night and Halloween parties - and weekly all ages gatherings for game days, park days, lunch outings, ice skating, hiking, picnics &c. Also "Mom's Nights Out".
[This is a Virginia group - please see my listing on that page]
"A ministry of the Rock of Asheville"
273 Monte Vista Rd
Candler, NC 28715
Upstate Christian Homeschoolers
[This is a South Carolina group - please see my listing on that page]

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Neighbors to talk to

A North Carolina sublist of TUAC, a national list intended "to promote and encourage Christian Homeschoolers and Christian Parenting."
A means for communication among North Carolina homeschoolers since mid-1997. Members are free to share their ideas, questions and/or concerns relating to homeschooling in North Carolina. All homeschoolers are welcome. Website includes information about the loop as well as general North Carolina homeschooling information.
A Christian list meant to support the studies of older homeschool students in North Carolina.

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