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This page has four parts:
Support Groups LDS homeschooling support
Mailing Lists LDS homeschooling discussion
Web Pages LDS homeschooling web pages
Curricula LDS homeschooling curricula

Support Groups top
LDS homeschooling support

2770 S 1000 West
Perry, Utah 84302

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LDS homeschooling discussion

An online support group for in Reno, Nevada and surrounding areas, open to all LDS homeschooling families and other homeschoolers who are open to Latter-day Saint beliefs and will uphold LDS standards of living.
"All homeschoolers are welcome. The purpose of this list is to provide a nonconfrontational, supportive environment in which LDS homeschoolers can discuss their interests, questions, and experiences." (Visit to subscribe; for more information, please contact
SaintsandScholars is a list for LDS and other Christian parents who homeschool their academically advanced children. The list is specifically geared toward academic homeschooling, and is based on the Christian world-view of accountability, exactness, and honor.

Web Pages top
LDS homeschooling web pages

"Connecting LDS Homeschoolers Worldwide."
A discussion board for LDS homeschoolers.

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LDS homeschooling curricula

I have a general "no vendors" policy that means I don't list curriculum vendors. For historical reasons, this page has been an exception to that rule - I may reconsider this at some point, as there are plenty of online LDS resources at this point.
Iron Rod Curriculum
A unit based curriculum, centered around LDS scripture and incorporating the use of Family Home Evening Lessons and the Scouting Program
L&S Enterprises, Inc.
76833 Atkins Road
Rainier, Oregon 97048
"A home-based bookstore catering to homeschoolers, especially LDS homeschoolers. They have collected some excellent resources."
741 N State Road 198
Salem, Utah 84653
LDS-HEA [Latter-day Saint Home Education Association]
Provides newsletter, has a small bookstore, and advice grounded in years of experience. Newsletter is $8.00/year
Joyce Kinmont
2770 South 1000 West
Perry, UT 94302
The Education Connection
This is an LDS homeschooling family. They service the broader homeschooling market, but also carry specifically LDS items.
PO Box 1417
Tehachapi, CA 93581

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