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Jews to talk to

Jewish Home Educators Network [JHEN]
"a support network of Jewish homeschool families sharing resources, information and support through a weekly mailing (free). Contact:"
"The focus of this list will be to provide homeschooling support and resources to Jewish homeschoolers of all levels of observance. Appropriate topics include curriculum choices, teaching tips, and holiday observances. This informal relaxed list is restricted and discussion will be limited to homeschooling and Judaism only."
A list for "[h]omeschooling parents who are Jewish and who are raising their children as Jews. The list is open to Jews of all denominations and levels of observance who are homeschooling. The list is open to homeschoolers of any persuasion and structure who are also Jewish."
TorCH-d -Torah-Centered Homeschooling discussion
Shoshana Sloman <>'s list "for Jewish homeschoolers who want to provide their children with a Torah-centered education. [A] place where homeschooling techniques, resources, activities, etc., can be discussed from a religious (Jewish) perspective." To subscribe, send email to with subscribe torch-d [your full name] in the body.

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Jews in the mail

A quarterly newsletter with articles, letters, recipes, holiday and craft ideas, book reviews, a Jewish calendar, and homeschooling help columns.

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Jewish Education Links
Jewish Orthodox Homeschooling
A not-for-profit league of families designed to satisfy the growing demand for Orthodox Jewish Homeschooling.

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