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Support Groups Islamic homeschooling support
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Islamic homeschooling support

Most listings courtesy of Cindy Sulaiman <>.

Home Education Information & Support for Muslims
Info, support and help; also ordering books through Scholastic.
A.K. Nuni-Hudson <>
986 Grand Ave
Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440-2435
(Arabic for READ)
831 S. Laflin
Chicago, IL 60607
Attn: Dr. T. Ghazi
Muslim Home Education Network of Australia
PO. Box 3026
Rosemeadow, NSW. 2560
(02) 9750 9993 or (02) 462141 4 2.

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Islamic homeschooling web pages

Various resources, including a page of links to Muslim Education and Home School Email Lists and On-line Newsletters.
"Our mission is to virtually serve Muslim homeschoolers that reside in the US."

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