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This page has three parts:
Support Groups Neighbors to meet
Mailing Lists Neighbors to talk to
Cover Schools Alabama's regressive laws

Support Groups top
Neighbors to meet

Over the years, many people have contributed to these listings. The seeds of the collection came from Ruthann Biel, Growing Without Schooling, and Home Education Press.
Christian group for Bibb County, including Tuscaloosa, Brookwood, Vance, Woodstock, West Blocton, Centerville and McCalla.
Formerly "Central Alabama Friends Support Group", an all inclusive (regardless of religion or cover school affiliation) support group that offers field trips and activities for all ages.
Suzanne Blickenstaff <>
CHEF - Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama
P.O. BOX 563
Alabaster, Alabama 35007
205-664-2232, fax 205-663-0287
Wayne or Connie Atchison <>
Newsletter, monthly Mom's meeting, educational field trips, co-op classes, and other activities for homeschooled children.
Inclusive Christian group for the Wetumpka and Millbrook areas of Elmore County. A positive socialization environment for homeschooled children, and support and encouragement for homeschooling parents.
An inclusive organization whose purpose is to provide impartial information to all potential and existing home educators in the State of Alabama.
Homeschool Advocates
5962 Chalet Dr North
Mobile AL 36608

Mailing Lists top
Neighbors to talk to

Alabama Home Educator's Network
An inclusive list, open to all Alabama homeschoolers. To subscribe, send a message to with subscribe in the body of the message.
"Open to all pagan and pagan-friendly families in Alabama who homeschool."
An open, unmoderated, inclusive list for anyone in, near or moving to Alabama with an interest in homeschooling with unschooling leanings. Nothing is considered off-topic.
For Christian Homeschooled Alabama Teen Girls only!
An inclusive email list for anyone who has an interest in home education in the state of Alabama; "an excellent resource for obtaining information about homeschooling curriculum, support groups, cover schools, field trips and more!" To subscribe, send a message to with subscribe heart in the body of the message.

Cover Schools top
Alabama's regressive laws

Alabama has an incredibly regressive policy on homeschooling: Either you must have a valid Alabama teacher's certificate, or you must enroll in a church-sponsored "cover school". Fortunately, there appear to be a wide variety of these, including a Quaker one that should be palatable to those with a distaste for doctrinaire evangelicals.

Despite my general 'no vendor' policy, I used to maintain a list of Alabama cover schools. It was a small list, at one point, and I felt that this was a special case. The list has grown, however, and so I'd rather simply point you to HEART's seemingly comprehensive and rather detailed list of Alabama cover schools.

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