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This book
Tech review by Ray Lischner of Tempest Software.
Published by Apress. Here's their page for this book.
My pubs page, where you can find the various articles I cite in the book.
My Oct-02 BorCon (London) talk on Kylix for Delphi programmers, based largely on Appendix II.
Borland's official Kylix page.
FreeCLX - for the patches that Borland won't release.
InstallMade - a Kylix application installer.
ProKylix - a source code profiler.
High Performance Delphi - for Delphi/Kylix optimization tips.
Search Google for Kylix.
Qt documentation (2.2 documentation is no longer on-line).
You can get wrc from the Wine project.
Linux ISO - burn your own copies of the latest distributions.