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My Most Popular Pages

Jon's Homeschool Resource List
Somehow this seems to have become 'the' homeschool homepage. Very gratifying.

The Constitution of the United States
Nice simple, semantic markup - be one of the several hundred people a day who read this.

Grand Canyon
An online slideshow of my May 2004 rafting trip.

Some Other Web Pages

The books, chapters, and articles I've written about software development.

HTML Tutorial
This was written in August of 1994 as an appendix to the Coriolis Group book, Mosaic & Web Explorer, so this is a pretty basic and primitive HTML2 tutorial: it doesn't mention tables, frames, or CSS.

Just my 'famous' Jerked Chicken, a seafood stew, and my pizza cookbook, so far - maybe more, someday.

Various historical documents.
US Constitution; the Declaration of Independence; and the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. All marked up to look good in your Web browser, ca 1994.

Imho, Otoh, and Bozo's Guide To Net.Speak
Internet 'as she be spoken' back in 1996.

Last updated June 26, 2006