Jerked Chicken

Oh no - now I'm posting recipes? What's next - Martha Stewart magazines in the bathroom?

Anyhow, people always kvell over this, and after mailing people the recipe for the umpteenth time, I figured it might be a good idea to just put it up for all to see.


Per Chicken:


  1. Thoroughly chop ginger and chiles in Cuisinart.
  2. Add half the lime juice, and puree thoroughly.
  3. Add a little olive oil (to help the jerk stick to the chicken) and the rest of the lime juice; mix some more.
  4. Toss in spices - allspice and cardamon in whatever ratio suits your fancy, maybe some cumin and nutmeg - and mix thoroughly so as to "wet" the spices.
  5. Cut up, skin, and wash the chicken(s). Arrange in a non-reactive (Pyrex works well) baking pan, and pour the jerk sauce over the chicken, making sure all surfaces get coated.
  6. Let sit at least a little while (eg, while you start the BBQ) or for hours.
  7. Cook on a covered BBQ, turning and basting frequently. (If you turn too often the jerk sauce will run off and put out the fire; if you turn too infrequently, the chicken will burn.) The goal is to cook the chicken relatively slowly but thoroughly: all (or most) of the fat should boil out.


Copyright © 1995, Jon Shemitz - - October 17, 1995